Friday, July 18, 2008

1,000,000 Youtube Views

As of today, the videos on the Climbing the Ladder Youtube channel have been collectively viewed over one million times. Actually it's more than that because my first account was shut down due to uploading some non-soccer stuff, so I had to start over a couple of months into the 2006 season.

My goal was to make it easier to view MLS highlights and to help spread the word of soccer, and I hope that I've had some impact, however small. When I started out, MLS did not have its own channel (they didn't get on board until May of last year). The only way to view highlights was through the sights and sounds page at MLSnet. Since they now upload the highlights for every game within a few hours, I don't feel like a weekly compilation is as necessary as it once was. But I still will be doing the year end top ten goals videos, as well as the occasional vid whenever I feel like it.

The first video that I made was a 2004 playoff highlights video on September 9, 2005. I actually never have re-uploaded that one for the CTL channel. Later that year, I made a Landon Donovan video about his return to face SJ, and a Best Goals of 2005 video. I really started in earnest when I did the weekly comps in 2006.

Of course, I have to include some stats in this post. Of the 87 total videos, the most viewed video as of now is this year's Week 2 Goals video, likely because it has a David Beckham goal. It has 78,527 views. The most discussed video is the Brian McBride one, with 328 comments. Probably my favorite one as well. Also, for both years that I have done the year end comps for each team, the Galaxy video has the most views and the Rapids video has the least.

Keep watching!

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