Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Forbes: MLS team values, revenue, profits/losses

Must read article of the year at Forbes.com. It's great to see them finally doing this with MLS, as they've been doing it for other sports for years. Based on last year's data, 3 teams made a profit (LA, TOR, DAL). Overall, not counting San Jose, the league lost $20 million with $166 million in revenue.

LA has leads in all 3 categories, doubling the second place team (TOR) in each. KC, CLB, and RSL have the least revenue, while CLB and NY tied for losing the most money.

I'll summarize the data in chart form:

(numbers are in the millions)

Value Revenue Income
CHI 41 16 -3.1
CHV 24 10 -1.0
CLB 23 6 -4.5
COL 31 11 -2.2
DAL 39 15 0.5
DC 35 13 -3.0
HOU 33 10 -1.8
KC 22 5 -2.9
LA 100 36 4.0
NE 27 10 -1.5
NY 36 10 -4.5
RSL 30 7 -2.1
TOR 44 17 2.1

TOTAL 485 166 -20.0

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Anonymous Anonymous said ... (6:11 PM, September 16, 2008) : 

The numbers don't say as much as the trends - which could account for some of the reasons why MLS is a hot investor ticket.

And these figures are almost a year out of date anyway!

Toronto has quadrupled in value since its' inception - now that's growth!

RSL is expected to triple in value as soon as it move into its new stadium - even excluding the value of the stadium itself!

Soccer in the USA is starting to reap the rewards of structural and infrastructural investment.

In five years time I predict nine teams will be worth $100m+ on an operational basis alone and will start challenging the single-entity franchise system run by MLS for more freedom to invest greater sums in their products.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (12:56 PM, February 05, 2009) : 

Honestly I think that Beckham is going to AC Milan and then the revenue of the LA Galaxy is going to sink slowly. TFC is going to have a tremendous value and big revenue. They will be the most valued team in the MLS and they should have a stadium extension in seats. I say 30,000 would be great. The MLS it seems is not in good condition. Toronto will be worth $100 million and they will have a big income. LA should stay in there as well.


Blogger Collision said ... (5:05 PM, February 19, 2009) : 

I looked at the Forbes article and saw the team values. Where did you get these other values from? And do you know if any of these values are available for any previous years? Thanks.


Blogger scaryice said ... (12:01 AM, February 20, 2009) : 

Click on "in pictures" from the link. Those are just Forbes' best estimates, and that was the first year Forbes did that for MLS.


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