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Which MLS Teams Can't Win Where?

Chicago Fire and Colorado Rapids fans certainly knew the story heading into yesterday's match. On paper it seemed like a match the away team should have been favored in, given the records of the two teams. But both sets of fans knew that the Rapids have dominated the Fire in Colorado for years, and the streak is now at 10 games without a win for Chicago in the Rocky Mountain state.

This got me thinking, what is the longest current streak in MLS? Which teams have destroyed a certain opponent at home for years now? You always hear about really long streaks in the Premiership, like how Newcastle haven't won at Old Trafford since 1972. It'll be cool to see which of these streaks last that long. With only one home game per year against most teams, it shouldn't be hard for a few really long streaks to develop.

So I looked it up, and now here's the full list of all such streaks of 5+ games:

Longest Current Home Unbeaten Streaks vs One Opponent

(Regular season only, shootouts counted as draws)

Games Record Last Loss
1 CHI vs SJ 12 6-0-6 N/A
1 NY vs KC 12 5-0-7 2000-04-19
3 COL vs LA 11 8-0-3 2002-07-13
3 DAL vs CHI 11 9-0-2 1999-07-04
3 NE vs NY 11 8-0-3 2002-06-29
6 COL vs CHI 10 6-0-4 1999-10-06
6 DC vs COL 10 6-0-4 1999-07-10
6 NY vs LA 10 8-0-2 2000-04-29
6 SJ vs KC 10 6-0-4 2000-08-16
10 COL vs DC 9 7-0-2 2000-05-06
10 NE vs LA 9 7-0-2 1999-07-11
10 NY vs CLB 9 6-0-3 2003-04-12
10 SJ vs DC 9 4-0-5 1998-06-03
14 KC vs COL 8 6-0-2 2002-09-14
15 COL vs NE 6 5-0-1 2002-06-15
15 DAL vs RSL 6 6-0-0 N/A
15 DC vs NY 6 4-0-2 2005-10-08
15 HOU vs CHV 6 4-0-2 N/A
15 HOU vs DAL 6 4-0-2 N/A
15 SJ vs NE 6 4-0-2 2000-07-22
21 CHI vs NY 5 3-0-2 2005-05-14
21 COL vs KC 5 4-0-1 2004-06-09
21 LA vs KC 5 3-0-2 2005-06-05
21 NE vs DAL 5 5-0-0 2003-07-16
21 SJ vs COL 5 2-0-3 2003-08-30

  • That's right, San Jose has never "won" at Chicago. They did get a shootout win on 7/23/1999 after a 2-2 draw. By the way, that's the only streak on the list which is affected by counting a shootout result as a draw (it would only be 8 games if you counted it that way). Anyway, the Qaukes almost always score a goal while they're there, but they can't ever finish it off.
  • It's interesting to see NY-KC up there tied for first; that's not one I would've guessed. The Metros really haven't dominated the Wizards as evidenced by the 7 draws. However, they have had a number of memorable comebacks in recent years. They came back twice from a goal down to get a draw in September 2005, which likely saved them from missing the playoffs. And that April, they also had earned a draw after going down 0-2. Then of course, the 3-2 win on the final day of the 2006 regular season to win the last playoff spot, featuring an Amado Guevara hat trick. Last year, a 90th minute Juan Pablo Angel penalty to earn a point.
  • Recently, a streak fell that was up until then the longest in the league. It was between Western conference rivals...Dallas vs Colorado. 13 times in a row the Rapids had failed to win in the Lone Star State until the recent Thursday night win. That's of course not counting the home playoff loss in 2006.
  • Colorado vs Los Angeles and New England vs Los Angeles are two streaks during which both teams have lost famously in the playoffs. The Galaxy advanced to MLS Cup 2005 behind two Landon Donovan goals over the Rapids, while of course they also won MLS Cup 2002 in Foxborough.
  • On the other hand, the NE-NY streak would likely be first if all competitions were included. The Revs have defeated the Red Bulls three times in the playoffs since it began.
  • Neat to see that both COL vs DC and DC vs COL are on the list. So both teams can't win at each other's place, and that's been going on for nearly a decade. Colorado also has that going on with Kansas City, though shorter in length.

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