Tuesday, July 28, 2009

MLS 2009: Post-All Star Strength of Schedule

Using the PPG of each team, it's easy to figure out who has the easiest and toughest remaining schedules. Listed below is the average PPG of the team's remaining opponents, as well as the home/away breakdown of their remaining games (which plays a big factor as well, probably more than who they're actually playing). I didn't try to combine the PPG with the location of the games somehow, rather I just left them separate.

Ranked from easiest to hardest:

1 CHV 1.262 6-7
2 KC 1.292 6-7
3 COL 1.304 6-6
4 NY 1.311 6-3
5 CLB 1.312 5-6
6 DAL 1.313 6-6
7 NE 1.331 8-6
8 TOR 1.339 4-7
9 SJ 1.349 6-6
10 SEA 1.356 4-8
11 DC 1.374 6-5
12 RSL 1.396 6-6
13 HOU 1.416 6-5
14 LA 1.426 6-5
15 CHI 1.447 7-5

The easiest schedules belong to Chivas, Kansas City, and Colorado, while the hardest belong to Chicago, Los Angeles, and Houston. The Fire are the only team to have already played all their matches against the league's worst three teams (DAL, SJ, NY). On the flip side, Chivas is first by virtue of being the only team yet to play the Red Bulls and their 0.48 PPG.

Looking at the home/away breakdown, Seattle and Toronto are good bets to end the season lower in the standings than they are currently (tied for 2nd and 10th overall, respectively). Each faces several more away games than home.

Despite the horrible situation in NY, playing six of their final nine at home means they should escape being the league's all time worst team. They only need six points to avoid that fate. Chicago and NE also have a couple more home games and look good because of that.


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Do you have the standard deviation to go along with the averages?


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