Monday, July 20, 2009

MLS/Gold Cup - Week 18 Notes

1) A new Texas record for soccer attendance was set last night in the Gold Cup doubleheader: 82,252 fans for Costa Rica-Guadeloupe and Mexico-Haiti. I've updated my list of state records.

Also, the friendly between AC Milan and Chelsea in Baltimore this week will set a new Maryland record. Already, it's a 70,000 seat sell out.

2) I've been talking about it, and now it's official. The USA now has the longest Gold Cup unbeaten streak, at 17 games dating back to 2003 (list of games). They broke a tie with Mexico's 16 game streak (1991-2000).

3) About the latest OTFATT update. I mentioned Carey Talley being in danger of suspension. Well in fact yesterday he ended up picking up that 5th yellow card, so he'll drop off the list as of the next Chivas league game.

4) MLSnet has changed its matchtrackers. When you visit the match center page, they're now using the "VW Game Nav" instead of the old version. However, the old matchtrackers are still there if you input the urls yourself. Here's the url to last night's Revs-Chivas match:

Just change the date and the team abbreviations for different matches. I actually make good use of these; if I miss a match, I'll type in the link to the pbp, start from the bottom and slowly read upwards. That way I can have a little more drama than just immediately seeing the result.

5) The New York Red Bulls are on pace to be the worst team in league history, and San Jose's not doing much better. The good news is that NY only needs 6 points in the final 10 games to avoid taking the record from the 2001 Tampa Bay Mutiny:

2000 DC United 0.938
2000 San Jose 0.906
2007 Real Salt Lake 0.900
2001 Colorado 0.885
2007 Toronto 0.833
1999 Kansas City 0.813
2003 Dallas 0.767
2009 San Jose 0.765
1999 New York 0.625
2005 Real Salt Lake 0.625
2005 Chivas USA 0.563
2001 Tampa Bay 0.519
2009 New York 0.500

You can see the PPG ranking for all 149 MLS team seasons (1996-2008) here.

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Comments on "MLS/Gold Cup - Week 18 Notes"


Anonymous tps said ... (9:58 PM, July 21, 2009) : 

Most commentators would stop at the bottom 10; I'll bet you went to 13 just so you could include DC.


Blogger scaryice said ... (3:59 AM, July 22, 2009) : 

Those are all the teams under 1.0 PPG


Anonymous David said ... (9:25 PM, July 26, 2009) : 

Why do 'foreign'(AC Milan and Chel$ki) teams count in attendance records?

Two teams come over here to gain more fans (and ca$h) at the expense of the MLS and the US game and get into the record books for their efforts. At least one team should be USA based in my opinion.


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