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List of MLS Players Who Never Played a Competitive Game (Incomplete)

This list is incomplete. All of these players were signed to an official team roster, but didn't play in a competitive game (regular season, playoffs, Open Cup, Champions League, etc).

For now, I've gone through the end of season rosters for 2004-2007. Some players may have been on the roster for part of the season and then waived, so they'd be missing if that's the case. I'm aware of a few names off the top of my head, but I'd rather wait until I can get all the mid-season names for a year at once. Also, no pool goalkeepers or emergency loan players are included. Some players may have played multiple years and/or for multiple teams, but I've just listed the first one here.

The numbers for earlier years should be much lower due to smaller roster sizes. So I'd guess this list already should compromise a great deal of the players who fit this category.

2004 NE F Belleh, Perek
2004 COL M Erush, Michael
2004 DC M Lawson, Tim
2004 NE M Thompson, Bobby

2005 CHV D Arbelaez, Victor
2005 NY M Bailey, Ramon
2005 CHV GK Barragan, Javier
2005 CHV M Castro, Hector
2005 NY M Corcoran, Chris
2005 KC D Dobson, Daniel
2005 COL D Elbaum, Joshua
2005 RSL D Flores, Sergio
2005 SJ GK Fulton, Robby
2005 CLB M Gallardo, Luis
2005 NY M Garipe, Daniel
2005 DAL GK Gomez, Chris
2005 KC GK Hutton, Martin
2005 CHV GK Kalnasy, Shaun
2005 SJ M Lanes, Aaron
2005 KC M Lascody, Douglas
2005 DAL D Marshall, Winston
2005 KC F McGinnis, Pat
2005 DC D Merritt, Tim
2005 KC M Minagawa-Webster, John
2005 LA D Nslen, Michael
2005 DAL D Pulido, John
2005 SJ F Ramirez, Orlando
2005 SJ D Rodriguez, Brett
2005 NE M Romaneiro, Marcos
2005 CHI M Rosenbrand, Andy
2005 NE GK Tomasso, T.J.
2005 DAL M Torres, Mario
2005 SJ D Twellman, James
2005 NY GK Ueltschey, Mike
2005 DC GK Weber, Andrew
2005 CHI D White, DeMetrius
2005 NE M Wilson, Easton

2006 RSL F Acosta, Adam
2006 NY F Arvizu, David
2006 NY GK Behonick, Michael
2006 RSL D Besagno, Jake
2006 CHV M Borja, Carlos
2006 RSL M Gil, Brian
2006 NE M Gonzalez, Miguel
2006 NE D Haggerty, Pat
2006 LA F Hansen, Josh
2006 RSL GK Harrison, Chase
2006 COL F King, Aaron
2006 DC GK McIntosh, Ryan
2006 DC M Metcalf, Andy
2006 CHV D Robles, Eder
2006 CHI M Ruud, Adam
2006 CHV F Sanchez, Estuardo
2006 DAL M Smith, Alex
2006 CHI D Ughiovhe, Idris
2006 NE M Williamson, Adam

2007 DC M Arguez, Bryan
2007 DAL M Botero, Sebastian
2007 CHV D Brooks, Desmond
2007 DC GK Crowe, Shawn
2007 RSL M Curfman, Steven
2007 DAL D Daniels, Anthony
2007 KC M Elcock, Edson
2007 LA GK Friesz, Lance
2007 DAL M Gbandi, Sandy
2007 KC M Godbolt, A.J.
2007 KC F Guadarrama, Willy
2007 TOR M Guzman, David
2007 HOU M Hoerner, Kenneth
2007 COL GK Hughes, Justin
2007 CLB D Hunter, Ben
2007 HOU GK James, Jordan
2007 DAL M Jones, Scott
2007 NY M Karcz, Chris
2007 KC GK Konopka, Chris
2007 TOR D Lumley, Stephen
2007 CHV GK Myers, Justin
2007 TOR M Nunez, Cristian
2007 CLB D Pacheco, Andrei
2007 NY F Patterson, Randi
2007 COL D Wilmes, Clifton

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