Monday, October 26, 2009

All Time Best MLS Teams Post Updated!

I won't put it on the main page because it's such a long post, so check it out here:

All Time Best & Worst MLS Teams (single season & multiple)

How do this year's teams stack up?
  • Columbus lost three of their last four, which means that they ended up tied for the worst Supporters Shield winners ever with the 2004 Crew. Technically though, I have the 2009 version ranked ahead due to goal difference.
  • With the parity this year, the Crew only ended up with the 32nd best regular season in league history.
  • RSL had their best year ever (on GD over last year), as did Toronto. Still, neither of them have had a winning record yet. No other team ended up with a best or worst year in franchise history. New York needed a point to avoid their worst year ever on the final day, and they did it.
  • Speaking of NY, the Red Bulls only ended up as the 5th worst single season ever.

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