Friday, April 30, 2010

Bayern vs Inter - More Than Just a Title on the Line

As I've noted before, Germany was on the verge of overtaking Italy for third place in the UEFA coefficients at the end of the season. Well, as it turns out, the Champions League final will decide more than just the 2009-2010 title winner. It all comes down to this match, as these two teams will be fighting for their entire countries.

A Bayern win or a draw after 120 minutes (regardless of the outcome of a penalty shootout) will mean Germany gets a fourth Champions League place starting in 2011-2012. Italy would then only have three. Inter must win to keep the fourth spot in Italy's hands (although given the trends, they could still lose it after next season).

As always, Bert Kassies' site is the number one place to go for info and discussion on this subject.

I expect to see the media covering this more as the game approaches. At least I hope so. I've only seen two articles on the subject today so far, both from, so at least they're on the ball.

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