Sunday, May 30, 2010

Home/away Disparity 2010

As usual, some teams have played unbalanced schedules to this point. Looking at this, we can see which teams are probably a little better or worse than they currently appear in the standings.

DC (+2) and Houston (+3) have played a few more home games, and will be at a disadvantage from this point on. With DC, it's hard to imagine them playing worse so I doubt it will matter much. But the Dynamo may be another story, as they have 11 of their 19 remaining games away from home. They're sitting in 8th place overall in PPG, so they'll have to step their game up to remain a playoff team.

Meanwhile, Toronto (-2) and Philadelphia (-4) are likely to improve their position. TFC has a perfect record at home this season, and could soon be challenging the Crew at the top of the standings.


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