Thursday, May 27, 2010

New ESPN Fan Zone Survey

What is ESPN Fan Zone? Read their FAQ. I highly encourage anyone who wants to express their opinions to ESPN to sign up. It's probably the best way to directly have an impact.

The other day, they sent me a new soccer survey, this one focused solely on the World Cup. I copied the questions and posted them on Bigsoccer. You can see what they asked here. It wasn't quite as interesting as the one they sent out last year (questions here), which dealt a little bit more with ESPN's coverage.

However, this time there was one question that stood out. They asked how interested you are in the Copa America and the Gold Cup, which makes me wonder if they're considering buying the English rights to those tournaments. If I ran a more sensational blog, I would've probably wrote a headline like "ESPN to air 2011 Copa America in English?"

Fox Soccer Channel already has the rights to the 2011 Gold Cup.

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