Tuesday, May 18, 2010

World Cup Rosters, Igor Kostrov, Jamar Beasley

1) Edgar at football-rankings.info has posted stats for the 2010 World Cup preliminary rosters. He's posted a list of the most represented clubs/countries, as well as top ten lists of the youngest/oldest players (Marcus Hahnemann - 3rd oldest) and more. Great stuff, and I'm glad he did the work so I don't have to!

I previously had broken down the 2002 squads. You can see that here. I thought I had done it for 2006 as well, but I can't find it so maybe I didn't.

2) Kansas City waived Igor Kostrov in preparation for the signing of Jamar Beasley. This is a very interesting move for a couple of reasons. First of all, Kostrov was waived without playing a game, which greatly disappoints me because now I won't get to cross Moldova off the list of MLS player nationalities (I'm only those who actually play in a competitive game). They could've at least let him get a couple minutes in the Open Cup qualifier.

3) J.Beasley's (assumed) signing is also interesting, because now he can fill his car with all the latest porn dvds he's very close to the record for longest time between MLS stints. He last played at the end of 2001 with Chicago, so that's a 9 year gap. Unfortunately, he's unlikely to have the all time mark, because there's another player with an equal 9 year gap: Eddie Lewis. It's necessary to go back and look at the actual dates to separate them:

Eddie Lewis 8.901 1999-10-06 2008-08-30
Jamar Beasley ??? 2001-10-17 ???

Lewis went 8.901 years between MLS games, and I don't believe anyone has gone longer. If Beasley signs and plays this weekend, he'll only be at 8.597. So unless he doesn't get into a match until the middle of September, he'll have to settle for second best.

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Blogger SombraAla said ... (10:30 AM, May 18, 2010) : 

Re: Kostrov
I was a little disappointed too, as Igor had a hard time adapting to the team and was starting to get more in-sync. He's also pretty young, just 22, and would've def. been part of the developmental roster if we still had that. He wasn't ready for 1st team time though... and considering we lost our Open Cup qualifier with the Rapids and people are already upset about that, it wouldn't have been a popular move to burn a sub for sentimental reasons.


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