Monday, July 19, 2010

History of Don Garber's All Star Commissioner's Picks

2000 Luis Hernandez & Brian McBride
2001 Luis Hernandez & Santino Quaranta
2002 Marco Etcheverry & Joselito Vaca
2003 Mauricio Cienfuegos & Hong Myung-Bo
2004 Freddy Adu & Jason Kreis
2005 Christian Gomez & Taylor Twellman
2006 Alecko Eskandarian & Richard Mulrooney
2007 Cobi Jones & Eddie Pope
2008 Edson Buddle & Dwayne De Rosario
2009 Kyle Beckerman & Javier Morales
2010 Brian Ching & Jaime Moreno

Players in bold = home team selections.

Of the non-home team selections, Quaranta/Vaca were young stars perfect for this kind of showcase. Jones/Pope in 2007 were both in their final seasons. In 2004, Garber mentioned pairing Adu/Kreis as a "past and future" thing. 2006 featured two players coming back from injuries. Then there's Luis Hernandez, one of Garber's self-professed biggest mistakes. He certainly tried to get his money's worth out of that multi-million dollar transfer, the only player to be selected twice in these 11 years.

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Comments on "History of Don Garber's All Star Commissioner's Picks"


Anonymous Moose McDowell said ... (10:38 AM, July 22, 2010) : 

Here's a great statistic to figure out...which MLS team has the worst scouting department, based on length of time between signing and releasing of foreign acquisitions? My money is on DC United...seriously, who has more turnover than them?


Blogger scaryice said ... (4:45 AM, July 23, 2010) : 

DC's only been bad in recent years. NY would have to be #1 all time.


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