Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Curt Onalfo fired by DC United

Back in March, I noticed when compiling the offense/defense ranks by year that KC's offense tanked under Onalfo after a good first season. Meanwhile, DC United was going into the season with a six year streak of being in the top half of the league on offense, tied for the longest ever.

Something had to give, and with DC sitting dead last in points and on offense, Onalfo has been fired.

KC offense rankings

2006 - 6th (Gansler/Bliss)
2007 - 5th (Onalfo's first year)
2008 - 12th
2009 - 13th (Onalfo/Vermes)

DC offense rankings

2004 - 2nd (Nowak)
2005 - 1st
2006 - 1st
2007 - 1st (Soehn)
2008 - 7th
2009 - 2nd
2010 - 16th (Onalfo)

Out of the 17 coaches who have been in charge of multiple teams, only one has had a better record with their second team than the first. That would be Fernando Clavijo, who was below average with both the Revs and Rapids.

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