Monday, September 13, 2010

2010 MLS: The Best or Worst Year Ever for Your Team?

Which teams can possibly set a new all time best or worst in this 2010 regular season? Here's how each team is currently doing compared to their previous seasons:

(ranked by PPG, regular season only, shootouts counted as draws)

2010 Years Best Worst
CHI 12th 13 2001 2004
CHV 5th 6 2007 2005
CLB 2nd 15 2008 2006
COL 3rd 15 1999 2001
DAL 1st 15 1999 2003
DC 15th 15 1998 2000
HOU 5th 5 2007 2006
KC 11th 15 2000 1999
LA 2nd 15 1998 2008
NE 12th 15 2005 2001
NY 2nd 15 2000 1999
PHI 1st 1 N/A N/A
RSL 1st 6 2009 2005
SEA 2nd 2 2009 2009
SJ 5th 13 2005 2000
TOR 2nd 4 2009 2007

Seven teams can possibly still call 2010 their best ever season. One, Real Salt Lake, has already clinched that distinction (and Philadelphia too, of course).

In order to clinch their best all time record, here's a list of what point total each of those teams needs to end up with. Also, I've listed what they need to do to achieve it.

Points Needed for Best Ever Season

COL 48 14 in 7 games
CLB 58 14 in 6 games
DAL 54 13 in 7 games
NY 51 11 in 6 games
RSL 41 already achieved
SEA 48 15 in 6 games
TOR 40 12 in 6 games

For CLB-SEA-TOR, the #1 spot could be achieved with one fewer point depending on the goal differential.

NY seems like the best bet (maybe the only bet). Even though DAL is currently at a best ever pace, I'm thinking the injuries will have to catch up sometime.

Now how about the flip side? Here's the teams that could have their worst ever team. I've listed the maximum number of points they could gain and still get that status.

Points Needed for Worst Ever Season

CHI 32 6 in 8 games
DC 28 10 in 6 games
HOU 43 20 in 7 games
NE 29 5 in 7 games
SEA 46 13 in 6 games

Here's how to read this. DC can gain no more than 10 points in their final 6 games to have their worst ever season. If they gain 11, then it's not their worst.

Like the previous table, there are a few teams here which could gain a single point more and still be the worst team thanks to goal differential. They are CHI-NE-SEA.

Houston is a single dropped point away from confirming this as their worst season. They, DC, and SEA easily could all end up being the worst team.


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