Tuesday, November 16, 2010

MLS manipulates Best XI to include Donovan

Soccer Insider
Donovan was on the ballot as a forward. According to MLS Commissioner Don Garber, the league felt Donovan belonged on the Best XI, so after the votes were counted, the league placed him on the final list as a midfielder. It's unclear who was bumped off (the player who received the fifth-most votes among midfielders).

Garber: "Due to the large number of votes that he received, and the fact that he was on the Galaxy lineup as a midfielder nearly twice as many times as he was a forward, he was included as a midfielder [on the Best XI]. We needed to do the right thing."

They are opening up a huge can of worms here. How can we ever trust any of the awards announcements again? In 2007, Cuauhtemoc Blanco was nominated for MVP yet didn't make the Best XI in a similar situation (he was listed as a forward, along with Angel and Emilio). They didn't feel the need to change things then.

MLS need to reform the voting process, allowing for a flexible formation depending on how the votes come in. That way, this situation won't happen again. Besides, nobody uses a 3-5-2 any more. But it's clearly wrong to change things after all the votes are in and you don't like the results.

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Comments on "MLS manipulates Best XI to include Donovan"


Blogger D. H. Pang said ... (8:01 PM, November 16, 2010) : 

Donovan is MLS golden boy. After his performance at the World Cup, they HAD to put him in the Best XI. These awards are always political in some way.

On that note, why have an MVP award? Why not simply have a Best Player award?


Anonymous Howie said ... (8:10 PM, November 16, 2010) : 

MLS's position listings are:

1) unnecessary
2) often wrong

Both Donovan and Wondolowski played in the midfield more than at foward. Why were they both listed up top?

And the three-man backline for Best XI is brutal.

No need for the ballot for M/F to be so rigid.


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