Monday, November 08, 2010

OTFATT 2010: Will Hesmer played every minute, after all

It turns out that Hesmer is considered to have played all 2,700 minutes, it's just that he's listed with only 2,695 on the statistics since they only include minutes played as a goalkeeper. Upon reviewing the game guides (which are a much better source of info - for example, match reports may not be updated to reflect goals/assists that are changed), Hesmer has two listings - one showing all minutes, and one for GK minutes. I thought they wouldn't give him that since he was injured, but they did and that means that he is included on the all time list of players who have played every minute in a regular season.

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Comments on "OTFATT 2010: Will Hesmer played every minute, after all"


Anonymous Ryan said ... (8:50 AM, November 08, 2010) : 

Where do you find the game guides? I've been trying for the life of me to gather good game-by-game stats for MLS, and I can't find them easily available anywhere.


Blogger scaryice said ... (12:41 AM, November 09, 2010) : 

It's linked on the preview page for each game. So click on a recap, then click on preview, and you'll find it. Although, many of the early season games this year were missing them.


Anonymous Sirk said ... (7:21 PM, November 10, 2010) : 

Now that I think about it, that makes sense. He was never subbed out of the game. He was just off the field getting treatment. He theoretically could have returned. Play continues on all the time with players off the field getting treatment, and those minutes aren't deducted from a player's total.

So Hesmer officially goes 90 since he never subbed out and was free to return. But as a goalie, he only played 85 and Gaven played 5.


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