Friday, January 14, 2011

"All" or Nothing - 2011 Superdraft

Last year, I examined the percentage of Superdraft picks who were named to an all-conference team for the past season of college soccer (link here). For the past three years, 145 out of 164 players drafted (88.4%) fit that criteria. So how'd it go this year?

There were 54 players drafted in the 2011 MLS Superdraft. Six can't be included in the data: 5 without a college (4 foreign players and Omar Salgado) and 1 lower division player (Lynn's Scott Gordon). That leaves 48 players to examine, and this year 41 ended up on an all-conference team (85.4%). The seven players who didn't are as follows:

20 SEA Michael Tetteh D UC Santa Barbara Big West
26 TOR Demetrius Omphroy D California Pac-10
32 KC J. T. Murray D Louisville Big East
35 DAL Charlie Campbell M Louisville Big East
37 VAN Bilal Duckett D Notre Dame Big East
38 NY Billy Cortes D Maryland ACC
40 CHV Jon Okafor M Brown Ivy

Tetteh was a Generation Adidas player and a lock to be drafted. He was also named to an all-conference team previously (in 2009), which I don't believe any of the others have done. UCSB, California, Notre Dame, and Maryland are all programs which regularly have players drafted into MLS, while Louisville just finished as the 2010 NCAA runner up. Brown's not a big name program, but they did produce Cory Gibbs and Jeff Larentowicz.

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