Monday, May 30, 2011

Countdown to 10k goals: Update #2

We were at 9,544 goals scored by MLS players before the first competitive game of the season.

2011 totals:

MLS - 262 goals in 106 games.

Open Cup qualifying - 25 goals in 8 games.

Canadian Championship - 8 goals in 5 games. Hassli's in the canceled game doesn't count.

CONCACAF Champions League - 10 goals in 6 games.

Total through May 2011: 9,849

When we reach the final 100, I'll start listing each individual one to help build the tension.

In June, there are 44 league games and the Open Cup round of 16 (eight games) on June 28th. We need about 2.9 goals per game to get there that month. However, don't forget that that the Open Cup games will only feature one MLS team each, so they won't average that many for sure. In fact, the last four years suggests only about 11-12 from the eight MLS teams combined in that round.

So that means MLS games would need to average an unlikely 3.15 goals per game to reach this in June, making July far more likely. Using an average of 2.5 goals per league game, that suggests Wednesday, July 6th could be the historic date.

Four games are scheduled then: NY-TOR, KC-COL, VAN-CLB, and CHV-SJ.

If it doesn't happen, then certainly it will on July 9th, when a further seven games are played.


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