Sunday, September 18, 2005

On the field, all the time (4)

When we last checked in on the 14th of August, 9 players had played every minute of the 2005 MLS season. Since then:

8/17-Matt Reis is red carded.

9/11-Nat Borchers is red carded.

9/18-Kevin Hartman does not for the Galaxy, in favor of Steve Cronin. Also, Joe Cannon gets hurt and is subbed off. He had played every minute since the start of 2004 until then.

Now, only 5 remain, which is also the record for the most players to accomplish this feat in a single year (2001). I suspect that Elliot may not make it, as the Crew may start to test younger players for the final few meaningless games. The others seem likely to do it though.

I think this would be a nice competition to have for next year (I'm already doing the attendance prediction threads on Bigsoccer). Each person could pick a lineup (4-4-2), and I could add up the total number of minutes played until the player is off the field. In addition, each person would also pick one player for each team to last the longest, and receive bonus points for that. 32 times 90 is 2,880, so I guess 200 bonus points for that would be fine. And the best part is that it wouldn't require a lot of work, since all the entries would be due by the start of the season. (I'm inspired by the Hacking Mass competition at Baseball Prospectus)

2005 Candidates

CLB-Simon Elliot
KC-Bo Oshoniyi
LA-Todd Dunivant
NE-Michael Parkhurst
SJ-Pat Onstad

Order of teams being totally wiped out, with last surviving player:

1. RSL-Jason Kreis
2. CHI-Ivan Guerrero
3. MET-Chris Leitch
4. DC-Bobby Boswell
5. DAL-Scott Garlick
6. CHV-Erza Hendrickson
7. COL-Joe Cannon

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