Saturday, June 10, 2006

MLSnet: Come On!

I want MLS to be successful. There are certain areas where they look very professional and appear to be a true major league. Unfortunately, other areas lag behind.

Like the league's web site. I've mentioned it again and again, but they are no stranger to screwing up. Tonight, in two match reports they managed to make 3 factual errors:


1) Wizards head coach Bob Gansler, still without U.S. national team players Jimmy Conrad, Eddie Johnson and Josh Wolff, gave three players their professional debuts on Saturday. Will Hesmer started in goal while Tyson Wahl and Lance Watson also received their first MLS start, coming into the team in place of Bo Oshoniyi, Jack Jewsbury and Scott Sealy.

First start does not equal professional debut. Watson and Wahl had previously made 3 and 2 appearances respectively. Not only that, but Hesmer started 2 US Open Cup games last year. I don't know why the writer would use that term.


2) Clark was the second overall pick in the 2003 SuperDraft and he played 26 games in his only season with the MetroStars.

Clark played in 2003 and 2004 with the Metros. This despite mentioning earlier in the previous paragraph that Clark was traded to San Jose in January 2005. It's not a typo because he made sure to note the amount of games. Actually, he played 26 games in the 2004 season, and 28 games in 2003. So he screwed up within the screw-up. I don't know how he makes this mistake, because it's right there on his MLSnet bio.

3) Peguero's second minute goal was tied for the fastest goal in team history. Clint Mathis also scored in the second minute for the then-MetroStars Sept. 5, 2002.

Not a factual error so much as laziness. Scoring a goal in the same minute does not mean that they were tied. How hard is it to look up the actual number of seconds? Actually, I couldn't find the number for Mathis' goal, but I'm sure that all would take is a phone call to Elias (the company that does MLS' stats).

This stuff is almost unbelievable. It's not like I'm the only person who will notice these things, they're pretty obvious. Dylan Butler did the NY report. He writes for and seems to be pretty knowledgeable, so he should know better. Especially about the Clark thing because he covers the freaking team. For the other game, I have no idea who Ryan D. Kuhn is but he appears to cover Columbus.

It's just another little thing lets you know that MLS is not the real deal yet. Come on guys. I know you can do better.

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Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:14 PM, June 13, 2006) : 

Do you have nothing better to do with your time than look for stuff like this?


Blogger scaryice said ... (4:59 AM, June 14, 2006) : 

As a big MLS fan, stuff like this jumps out at me right away. Do you think it's ok to make multiple, embarrassing factual errors? MLS needs to do better, and until they do, I'm going to talk about stuff like this.


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