Saturday, July 01, 2006

Nick Garcia hits the net

Yup, Nick Garcia finally scored a goal this week. If you'll remember, back in March I posted a top ten list of MLS players who've played the most games without scoring. Garcia was number two, and if he had not scored against DC, he would've became tied for the lead with Brandon Prideaux. He scored in his 181st game, while Prideaux had already played 181 scoreless games.

The game wasn't televised, but you can see the highlights on Youtube.

Garcia still has one record though, that's the most games played without coming on as a sub. He set that mark on 5/27 vs D.C. United. The previous high was Carlos Valderrama's 175. That's an alltime mark, not just a current one. For a field player, anyway (Meola-241).

The alltime mark for consecutive scoreless games goes to Robin Fraser, who scored in his 10th MLS game on June 16, 1996. After that, he did not score in his last 250 league games before his retirement this past offseason.

Most MLS Games Played Without Scoring

1) 181 games - Brandon Prideaux, D.C. United (163 starts/18 sub appearances)
2) 126 - Rusty Pierce, Columbus Crew (123/3)
3) 114 - Francis Okaroh (114/0)
4) 113 - Dan Calichman (113/0)
5) 108 - Chris Martinez (95/13)
6) 106 - Brandon Pollard (91/15)
7) 94 - Chris Leitch, Columbus Crew (82/12)
8) 87 - Tenywa Bonseu (85/2)
9) 85 - Logan Pause, Chicago Fire (72/13)
10) 73 - Tahj Jakins (43/30)

Nelson Akwari is next with 70.

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