Tuesday, July 03, 2007

OTFATT 2007: Update #5

4/19-90 players remaining
5/6-57 players remaining
5/21-41 players remaining
6/17 -19 players remaining

OTFATT stands for "on the field, all the time." There are only 12 remaining players who have played every minute of every MLS game, which is what these posts measure. Now we're down to the nitty gritty.

Copa America has taken a few more names off the list (Guzan, Moor). There should be no more international absenses from here on out. At least I don't think so. Brennan and Reis could always get the call for a friendly.

The 12 players include five goalkeepers, five defenders, and two midfielders. My picks (one keeper, one field player) to make it all the way would are Kevin Hartman and Jay Heaps. They are both known for playing almost every match and there's a big dropoff from them to their backups. Reis seems like another good pick now that he wasn't called up to the USMNT.

I must address the Chris Klein situation. He's listed as RSL's "last surviving player" below, as well as on the main list. Klein had played every minute with RSL before being traded to LA, who had played two fewer games. So in order to play every minute this season, he'll have to play 32 matches in a 30 match season. That's the breaks. I believe Scott Garlick played every minute in 2001 between TB/COL, so Klein wouldn't be the first guy to do it.

Discipline update: Five yellow cards = suspension (good behavior rule applies, see the link). Here's how these guys stack up:

One away from suspension:


Two away from suspension:

Brennan, Segares, Zavagnin

Remaining Candidates (12)

CHI Pickens, Segares
CLB Gonzalez
COL Coundoul
KC Hartman, Zavagnin
LA Cannon, Harden, Klein
NE Heaps, Reis
TOR Brennan

Order of teams being totally wiped out, with last surviving player:

1. NY-Todd Dunivant (5/24)
2. HOU-Eddie Robinson (6/10)
3. RSL-Chris Klein (6/24)
4. DC-Bryan Namoff (6/24)
5. DAL-Drew Moor (6/30)
6. CHV-Brad Guzan (6/30)

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