Sunday, June 08, 2008

OTFATT 2008: Update #3

Previous Updates

#1 4/14 68 players remaining
#2 5/18 40 players remaining

OTFATT is short for "On the field, all the time." In this post and subsequent updates throughout the season, I'll be keeping track of which MLS players have played every minute of every game (regular season only). This feat has been accomplished a total of 29 times in 12 seasons. Click here for the full list of survivors.

We've lost 15 players in the past 3 weeks, bringing us down to 25. Also, the first two teams to be completely eliminated are Dallas and Colorado, who both lost their last remaining player in the past week. Every team still had a player until June, pretty good.

Erpen's red card yesterday saw him leave the race, while Frankie Hejduk played the full 90 despite suiting up for the US today against Argentina. Namoff was another guy to get eliminated due to a red card.

9 of the 13 keepers remain, while Alejandro Moreno is the final forward left. Blanco is the other attacking player left. International callups have started to and will continue to be a factor, while yellow card accumulations will begin to play a role. Already, Boswell and Hejduk are a yellow away from suspension.

Remaining Candidates (25)

3 CHI Blanco, Busch, Pause
1 CHV Guzan
4 CLB Carroll, Hejduk, Hesmer, Moreno
1 DC Simms
2 HOU Boswell, Mulrooney
2 KC Conrad, Hartman
2 LA Cronin, Klein
4 NE Heaps, Joseph, Parkhurst, Reis
1 NY Conway
2 RSL Borchers, Rimando
1 SJ Cannon
2 TOR Brennan, Wynne

Order of teams being totally wiped out, with last surviving player:

1. DAL-Dario Sala (6/1)
2. COL-Facundo Erpen (6/7)

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