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OTFATT 2007: Final Update

Previous Updates

#1 4/19 90 players remaining
#2 5/6 57 players remaining
#3 5/21 41 players remaining
#4 6/17 19 players remaining
#5 7/3 12 players remaining
#6 8/19 9 players remaining
#7 8/25 7 players remaining
#8 9/2 5 players remaining
#9 9/8 4 players remaining
#10 10/8 3 players remaining

Yes, the yearlong watching to see which MLS players would play every minute of the season is over. Three men have accomplished this feat in 2007: Kevin Hartman of KC, Chris Klein of RSL/LA, and Matt Reis of NE.

Those three are now among the 25 players who have done this a total of 29 times in the 12 year history of the league. Reis joins Peter Vermes, Scott Garlick, and Pat Onstad as the only men to do it in back to back years, while Klein joins Garlick in 2001 as the only the second player to do it playing for multiple teams.

OTFATT stands for "On the field, all the time," which was the name of the Bigsoccer thread where I originally tracked this stat a few years ago.

1996-2007: Played Every Minute

(players in bold played every minute of every game in all competitions)

1996 Preki (KC), Steve Trittschuh (COL)
1997 Mike Burns (NE)
1998 (none)
1999 Peter Vermes (COL)
2000 Joseph Addo (TB), Nick Garcia (KC), Scott Garlick (TB), Peter Vermes (KC)
2001 Scott Garlick (TB/COL), Tim Howard (NY), Steve Jolley (NY), Zach Thornton (CHI), Kerry Zavagnin (KC)
2002 Nick Rimando (DC)
2003 Tony Meola (KC)
2004 Joe Cannon (COL), Jim Curtin (CHI), Richard Mulrooney (SJ), Steve Ralston (NE)
2005 Todd Dunivant (LA), Simon Elliot (CLB), Pat Onstad (SJ), Bo Oshoniyi (KC), Michael Parkhurst (NE)
2006 Pat Onstad (HOU), Matt Reis (NE)
2007 Kevin Hartman (KC), Chris Klein (RSL/LA), Matt Reis (NE)

Order of teams being totally wiped out for 2007, with last surviving player:

1. NY-Todd Dunivant (5/24)
2. HOU-Eddie Robinson (6/10)
3. RSL-Chris Klein (6/24)
4. DC-Bryan Namoff (6/24)
5. DAL-Drew Moor (6/30)
6. CHV-Brad Guzan (6/30)
7. CLB-Marcos Gonzalez (7/14)
8. CHI-Gonzalo Segares (8/19)
9. LA-Joe Cannon (9/1)
10. COL-Bouna Coundoul (9/8)
11. TOR-Jim Brennan (10/7)

Note: Cannon is the last man to play every minute for LA. Klein was traded mid-season and has played every minute he's been available for two teams.

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