Monday, October 08, 2007

OFATT 2007: Update #10

#1 4/19 90 players remaining
#2 5/6 57 players remaining
#3 5/21 41 players remaining
#4 6/17 19 players remaining
#5 7/3 12 players remaining
#6 8/19 9 players remaining
#7 8/25 7 players remaining
#8 9/2 5 players remaining
#9 9/8 4 players remaining

TFC captain Jim Brennan finally sat out a game, leaving us with only 3 players who have played every minute of the MLS season. Only 26 times in 11 years has that feat been accomplished (see Update #1 for a list). Let's look at the survivors with two weeks left in the season:

Matt Reis is one of the top keepers in the league, and plays for a coach who doesn't like to mess around with the lineup. He also was one of only two men to play every minute last season, so he's in his second consecutive year of this. If it wasn't for a red card in 2005, he would probably have made it then as well. Barring being rested, no chance of him dropping off now.

Kevin Hartman was possibly the most obvious candidate to make it before the season started. First of all, he's a goalkeeper. Also, he's a longtime star in this league and is backed up by two keepers with no MLS experience. Never a chance of him being benched unless injured. Do you even know his backup's name?

Chris Klein is about to do something remarkable. He's going to play 32 games in a 30 game season, due to the mid-season trade from RSL to the unbalanced schedule of LA. He's played every minute he's been available for both teams. Scott Garlick did the same thing in 2001 for Tampa Bay and Colorado, although he didn't play any more games than normal. Klein is the league' s reigning fair play award winner; he only has 6 yellow cards and 1 red card in his entire career. So he's not going to get suspended. He's also benefited from LA's recent surge, as they will need him in there for these meaningful games. Maybe if they're eliminated, he'll be rested or subbed out.

Remaining Candidates (3)

KC Hartman
LA Klein
NE Reis

Order of teams being totally wiped out, with last surviving player:

1. NY-Todd Dunivant (5/24)
2. HOU-Eddie Robinson (6/10)
3. RSL-Chris Klein (6/24)
4. DC-Bryan Namoff (6/24)
5. DAL-Drew Moor (6/30)
6. CHV-Brad Guzan (6/30)
7. CLB-Marcos Gonzalez (7/14)
8. CHI-Gonzalo Segares (8/19)
9. LA-Joe Cannon (9/1)
10. COL-Bouna Coundoul (9/8)
11. TOR-Jim Brennan (10/7)

Note: Cannon is the last man to play every minute for LA. Klein was traded mid-season and has played every minute he's been available for two teams.

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