Sunday, August 19, 2007

OTFATT 2007: Update #6

4/19 90 players remaining
5/6 57 players remaining
5/21 41 players remaining
6/17 19 players remaining
7/3 12 players remaining

A month and a half have passed, yet very little has changed. Only 2 players dropped off since the last update, leaving us still with 10 men who have played every minute of every MLS game this season. Matt Pickens was rested in favor of Jon Busch, while Marcos Gonzalez was subbed out on July 14.

EDIT: Tonight, Jay Heaps was subbed off leaving us with only 9 players.

That leaves us with 5 keepers and 4 field players. Probably the biggest story in this competition is the fact that Jim Brennan continues to play despite fractured ribs and a broken wrist. There's also the fact that Chris Klein has played every minute he's been available for two different teams, and he's still going strong.

We're getting down to the end, so from here on out I'll probably update this every time someone drops off. Only 26 players have accomplished this feat over 11 seasons.

Discipline update: Five yellow cards = suspension (good behavior rule applies, see the link). Here's how these guys stack up:

One away from suspension:


Two away from suspension:

Brennan, Coundoul, Harden, Zavagnin

Several of these guys have already got their good behavior incentive used. It would be pretty amusing to see Coundoul suspended due to yellow cards.

Remaining Candidates (9)

CHI Segares
COL Coundoul
KC Hartman, Zavagnin
LA Cannon, Harden, Klein
NE Reis
TOR Brennan

Order of teams being totally wiped out, with last surviving player:

1. NY-Todd Dunivant (5/24)
2. HOU-Eddie Robinson (6/10)
3. RSL-Chris Klein (6/24)
4. DC-Bryan Namoff (6/24)
5. DAL-Drew Moor (6/30)
6. CHV-Brad Guzan (6/30)
7. CLB-Marcos Gonzalez (7/14)

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