Saturday, August 25, 2007

OTFATT 2007 - Update #7

4/19 90 players remaining
5/6 57 players remaining
5/21 41 players remaining
6/17 19 players remaining
7/3 12 players remaining
8/19 9 players remaining

Big 24 hours for the OTFATT competition (where we keep track of those MLS players to have played every minute of the season) in midweek.

On Wednesday, Gonzalo Segares was sent off after receiving two yellow cards at Kansas City, although I believe he would've been suspended after the first one. He was the last Chicago Fire player left.

Then on Thursday, Ty Harden was out of the lineup for Los Angeles due to an injury, making way for Kyle Veris. He would've been benched way sooner if they had a suitable replacement, which Veris showed he was not. Harden was the last rookie. Unfortunately there's not a favorable comparison with 2006's last surviving rookie, Jonathan Bornstein.

In other news, there are no more true defenders left! That's pretty shocking. You have two guys remaining who have played decent minutes there (Brennan & Klein), but they're just there out of necessity. No defenders survived last year as well.

Meanwhile, Matt Reis is going for his second straight year of playing every minute.

Remaining Candidates (7)

COL Coundoul
KC Hartman, Zavagnin
LA Cannon, Klein
NE Reis
TOR Brennan

Order of teams being totally wiped out, with last surviving player:

1. NY-Todd Dunivant (5/24)
2. HOU-Eddie Robinson (6/10)
3. RSL-Chris Klein (6/24)
4. DC-Bryan Namoff (6/24)
5. DAL-Drew Moor (6/30)
6. CHV-Brad Guzan (6/30)
7. CLB-Marcos Gonzalez (7/14)
8. CHI-Gonzalo Segares (8/19)

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