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Age of MLS Golden Boot Winners

Seven years later, the starters up top for the USA vs Mexico 2002 World Cup game are still going strong. Brian McBride & Josh Wolff are currently tied for the MLS golden boot lead with 6 goals each. A lot of people seem to be surprised at Wolff playing so well, but he's always been a top MLS player. Maybe all the injuries and playing in Kansas City have caused people to underrate him. Or maybe it's just the lack of goalscoring with the national team, as few would say he's underrated there. I don't think he should be called back up; he's had many chances and he's not going to get better, but it's nice to see him and McBride still playing well.

Can they keep it up? If either player ends up leading the league in goals, they'll set a new record for the oldest MLS Golden Boot winner. Only one player has captured the honor in his 30s; that would be Honduran import Alex Pineda Chacon in 2001.

One note: the actual golden boot award has only existed since 2005. I'm going back and retroactively figuring out who it would've been (assists are the first tiebreaker).

Age of MLS Golden Boot Winners

(age as of July 1 that season)

1996 Lassiter, Roy TB 27.31
1997 Moreno, Jaime DC 23.45
1998 John, Stern CLB 21.67
1999 Kreis, Jason DAL 26.50
2000 Diallo, Mamadou TB 28.86
2001 Pineda Chacon, Alex MIA 31.53
2002 Ruiz, Carlos LA 22.79
2003 Ruiz, Carlos LA 23.79
2004 Ching, Brian SJ 26.11
2005 Twellman, Taylor NE 25.34
2006 Cunningham, Jeff RSL 29.86
2007 Emilio, Luciano DC 28.55
2008 Donovan, Landon LA 26.33

Which ages have scored the most goals in MLS? Through 2008, 23 year olds lead the list by almost 2% over their nearest competitor. The years 22-28 are very productive and then it starts to dip a bit. The average age of every goal scored in league history (1996-2008) is 25.93. If you're interested in the top single season goalscorers for each age, click here.

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Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11:43 PM, May 21, 2009) : 

If you restrict attention to players who were eligible for the US, the winners would be:
1996: Lassiter
1997: Preki
1998: Cobi
1999: Kreis
2000: Razov
2001: Wynalda
2002: Twellman
2003: Twellman
2004: Ching
2005: Twellman
2006: Cunningham
2007: Twellman
2008: Donovan

Four-time winner Twellman is the only player to finish on top more than once. Interestingly, neither Wolff nor McBride has ever finished on top before.


Anonymous price per head services said ... (4:50 PM, January 26, 2013) : 

I thought that Donovan has more than one Golden Boot. So I was wrong but Twellman is the winner.


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