Saturday, November 28, 2009


I've updated a few posts in the past few days:

  • Played for 5+ MLS Teams - There are now 25 players in this club, including 6 new ones in the 2009 season. Includes a list of the teams for each player, as well as the date the 5 team mark was set.
  • Where We Stand All Time - The list of all time team W-L-D records has been updated (of course, shootouts are counted as draws). The top ten coaches and top ten overall goalscorers (not just regular season) goalscorers have also been updated. You'll never guess which coach is now in the top ten.
  • 2010 Superdraft Order - It's finalized now with the completion of the 2009 season. Well, except for the always secretive conditional picks. The eight playoff teams are slotted in based on their postseason performances, so RSL will have the last pick in each round as champions. I've always thought that rule (patterned after the NFL) makes little sense. A team's real strength should be based on the regular season results, right? Just because a team succeeds in the playoffs doesn't mean they're the best team; it's a small sample size. Then again, maybe these leagues want the teams who went further in one year to have a disadvantage the next. I still feel like RSL should be drafting seven spots higher.
  • Multiple Teams, One Season - A list of all the players who've played for more than one team in a single season. There were 17 for 2009, which is exactly average. Did you know that the Ugo Ihemelu for Drew Moor trade was the first time a player has played for both Colorado and Dallas in the same season? There are now only five combinations of the original 9 MLS teams left who haven't done that.
  • MLS Sporcle Quizzes - Two new ones from me. First, can you name the leaders in games played for each MLS team (all competitions)? Second, can you name the players protected every year in the past four MLS expansion drafts (2006-09)?

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