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OTFATT 2010 - Update #4

Previous Updates

#1 4/21 66 players remaining
27 players remaining
18 players remaining

OTFATT is short for "On the field, all the time." In these updates throughout the season, I'll be keeping track of which MLS players have played every minute of every game (regular season only). That feat has been accomplished 39 times in 14 seasons by 29 different players. Click here for the complete list.

Only 9 remain. Several goalkeepers were left out for various reasons recently (Coundoul/Dykstra/Rimando/Seitz), which helped reduce the number. Whether it was due to a benching, national team callup, or simply a rest, it all counts the same. Only 4/9 remaining players keepers, and the last time we finished a year with fewer keepers than field players was 2005. All time, GK's have a 20-19 edge (they just took over the lead for the first time after 2009).

Of the remaining keepers, Pickens/Nielsen may be better bets than Hesmer/Frei simply due to the extra CONCACAF Champions League games the Crew and TFC will play.

I wish I could easily tell you how many yellows each player is away from suspension, but that's not easy to find on the new MLS web site. It's 5 yellows to a suspension, but a player can have one taken away one they get 3 or 4 (I believe) due to good behavior (not getting a yellow in 3 straight games). So you can't just go by the total number of yellows because it can be misleading. Having said that, Daniel Hernandez is listed with 4 yellows and is the only player with more than two. Probably the single least likely player left to make it the rest of the year.

Remaining Candidates (9)

1 CHI Brown
1 CLB Hesmer
3 COL Moor, Pickens, Wynne
1 DAL Hernandez
1 KC Nielsen
1 NY Ream
1 TOR Frei

Order of teams being totally wiped out for 2010, with last surviving player:

1. SEA - Osvaldo Alonso (5/8)
2. NE - Preston Burpo (5/29)
3. HOU - Mike Chabala (5/29)
4. DC - Rodney Wallace (6/5)
5. LA - Todd Dunivant (7/22)
6. CHV - Mariano Trujillo (7/31)
7. SJ - Jason Hernandez (7/31)
8. PHI - Chris Seitz (8/8)
9. RSL - Nick Rimando (8/11)


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