Thursday, November 18, 2010

2010 Generation Adidas Graduates Announced

Wow, they actually decided to announce them ahead of time for once. The last few years, they've released the information at the same time the expansion draft protected lists come out. I will be posting my final expansion draft predictions over the weekend.

I've updated my Graduating from GA post with this year's info, so it's easy to see how 2010's first and second year players compared in terms of minutes to previous GA players.

Thoughts on the graduates:

This continues the trend of third players graduating more easily, following Igwe & Wallace last season. Avila/Guarda/Myers/Nimo/O'Brien probably wouldn't have graduated a couple years ago. Nimo hasn't even played.

No first year players graduated. I thought Tchani might, but he's the only one with a good case. He's just behind Bobby Convey for the most minutes for a first year GA field player without graduating (1614 vs 1610), and his percentage of minutes played is the highest (60%). In addition, he started over 17 games and played in 27. I think he probably should've graduated.

However, I am shocked to see Danny Cruz stay GA for another year. His 1,362 minutes are the most ever for a 2nd year GA player who didn't graduate.

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