Monday, December 27, 2010

MLS 2010: Domestic vs Foreign Minutes Played

I noticed a blog post (Down the Byline) where someone worried about the number of American players on Sporting Kansas City for next year, and I thought it would be interesting to take a look at what the percentages were for each MLS team in 2010:

Domestic Foreign
1 SJ 75.79% 24.21%
2 LA 67.25% 32.75%
3 HOU 65.44% 34.56%
4 COL 64.74% 35.26%
5 CLB 63.16% 36.84%
6 DAL 61.86% 38.14%
7 PHI 58.08% 41.92%
8 RSL 54.72% 45.28%
9 NE 54.69% 45.31%
10 CHI 54.34% 45.66%
11 DC 52.38% 47.62%
12 KC 49.08% 50.92%
13 SEA 48.55% 51.45%
14 CHV 47.27% 52.73%
15 NY 33.29% 66.71%
16 TOR 31.24% 68.76%

San Jose leads the league, while to no one's surprise New York brings up the rear (excluding Toronto, where the percentage is counted using Canadians, see below).

A few notes:

  • Includes only regular season matches.
  • For Toronto FC, Canadians are counted as domestic. The TFC breakdown was 31.24% Canadian, 36.19% American, and 32.56% other.
  • Leaguewide, the USA percentage was 55.60%. (EDIT: actually, it's very slightly less because I originally counted Ruben Luna's 48 minutes as domestic)
  • Each player is given one nationality only. If he plays for a specific national team (in a game, not just a camp), then that's it. If a player has more than one nationality (such as by being born somewhere else and moving here), then he's counted as his first one. So for example, Stefani Miglioranzi is counted as Brazilian, and Jesus Padilla is counted as American. You can see a list of every nationality by downloading my MLS Lineup Database.
  • I'd love to go back and do this for each season, but it'd be hard because nationalities can change. For example, Jeff Cunningham from Jamaica to USA. Come to think of it, maybe Teal Bunbury should've counted as foreign for this season (since he would've been considered Canadian until he was capped by the USA)? I counted him as domestic based on his current status.


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Blogger mga said ... (12:05 AM, January 04, 2011) : 

I think you are on the right track, Bunbury should count as Canadian for 2010 and then American onward. MLS should be paying you for putting this database together, scary.


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