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OTFATT 2010: Final Update

Previous Updates

#1 4/21 66 players remaining
27 players remaining
18 players remaining
9 players remaining

OTFATT is short for "On the field, all the time." In these updates throughout the season, I've kept track of which MLS players have played every minute of every game (regular season only). That feat has now been accomplished 42 times in 15 seasons by 32 different players.

EDIT 11/8: It turns out that Hesmer is considered to have played all 2,700 minutes, it's just that he's listed with only 2,695 on the statistics since they only include minutes played as a goalkeeper. Upon reviewing the game guides (which are a much better source of info - for example, match reports may not be updated to reflect goals/assists that are changed), Hesmer has two listings - one showing all minutes, and one for GK minutes. I thought they wouldn't give him that since he was injured, but they did and that means that he is included on the list below.


What a cruel finish for William Hesmer. With 5 minutes left in a meaningless regular season finale and his team leading 3-0, he got himself injured and had to come out of the match. Even though he wasn't subbed off, MLS doesn't count that 5 minutes in his total, so that means that he ended the season with 2,695 minutes played - 5 short. Oh, and he's out for the playoffs too.

Jimmy Nielsen of Kansas City was also in the running going into the final weekend. He would've made it if his team was still in contention, but he was rested for in favor of Eric Kronberg.

So that left us with only two players this season who played every minute, and they're both field players: Drew Moor & Tim Ream. Congratulations are in order, and their teams certainly will need them on the field for the playoffs as well.

Field players now have retaken the all time OTFATT lead over tied goalkeepers for the most number of times, 21-21. I really didn't think that would happen.

1996-2010: Played Every Minute

(players in bold played every minute of every game in all competitions, goalkeepers in italics)

1996 Preki (KC), Steve Trittschuh (COL)
1997 Mike Burns (NE)
1998 (none)
1999 Peter Vermes (COL)
2000 Joseph Addo (TB), Nick Garcia (KC), Scott Garlick (TB), Peter Vermes (KC)
2001 Scott Garlick (TB/COL), Tim Howard (NY), Steve Jolley (NY), Zach Thornton (CHI), Kerry Zavagnin (KC)
2002 Nick Rimando (DC)
2003 Tony Meola (KC)
2004 Joe Cannon (COL), Jim Curtin (CHI), Richard Mulrooney (SJ), Steve Ralston (NE)
2005 Todd Dunivant (LA), Simon Elliott (CLB), Pat Onstad (SJ), Bo Oshoniyi (KC), Michael Parkhurst (NE)
2006 Pat Onstad (HOU), Matt Reis (NE)
Kevin Hartman (KC), Chris Klein (RSL/LA), Matt Reis (NE)
Jon Busch (CHI), Joe Cannon (SJ), Jimmy Conrad (KC), Kevin Hartman (KC), Jay Heaps (NE), Nick Rimando (RSL)
Darrius Barnes (NE), Jon Busch (CHI), Kevin Hartman (KC), Pat Onstad (HOU)
Will Hesmer (CLB), Drew Moor (COL), Tim Ream (NY)

Order of teams being totally wiped out for 2010, with last surviving player:

1. SEA - Osvaldo Alonso (5/8)
2. NE - Preston Burpo (5/29)
3. HOU - Mike Chabala (5/29)
4. DC - Rodney Wallace (6/5)
5. LA - Todd Dunivant (7/22)
6. CHV - Mariano Trujillo (7/31)
7. SJ - Jason Hernandez (7/31)
8. PHI - Chris Seitz (8/8)
9. RSL - Nick Rimando (8/11)
10. DAL - Daniel Hernandez (9/4)
11. CHI - C.J. Brown (9/11)
12. TOR - Stefan Frei (10/16)
13. KC - Jimmy Nielsen (10/23)

All Time OTFATT by Team

KC 10.0
NE 7.0
COL 4.5
CHI 4.0
NY 3.0
SJ 3.0
TB 2.5
DC 1.0
CHV 0.0
MIA 0.0
PHI 0.0
TOR 0.0

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Comments on "OTFATT 2010: Final Update"


Anonymous MetroFanatic said ... (8:34 AM, October 25, 2010) : 

So here's a funky one: are you sure Hesmer doesn't count? Yes, his goalie minute total is 2695, but that's the only total MLS currently shows (they used to show both goalie and field totals for goalies). Since he was never subbed out, his field total should be 2700.

There have been discrepancies like this before: Meola played 17 minutes at forward in 1997, so his field total is 2700, goalie total 2683. Because of Gaven's 1 minute in goal in 2003, Howard's goalie total is 1222, field total is 1223. Splitting hairs, I know... but a fun little wrinkle.


Blogger scaryice said ... (2:02 AM, October 26, 2010) : 

Oh, I'm well aware of how MLS minutes get screwed up because of keepers playing in the field. I think I resolved all those issues before.

Now, they don't seem to have a separate listing for in the stats for minutes played as keeper and in the field.

Also, I remember a similar situation in 2005 where DJ Countess had to come off, and they didn't credit him with the minutes.


Blogger scaryice said ... (2:51 AM, November 08, 2010) : 

Well Dan, I guess you were right after all. Upon checking the game guides, Hesmer is listed with 2,700 minutes. Stupid


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