Friday, November 04, 2005

BASAs: Player of the Year

1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th Points
1 Dwayne DeRosario 8 2
2 Taylor Twellman 2 6 2
1 73
3 Shalrie Joseph 1 1 5

4 Jaime Moreno
2 2 3 1 34
5 Pat Onstad 1
2 1
6 Christian Gomez

5 3 18
7 Landon Donovan

2 9
8 Ronnie O'Brien

1 1
9 Hercules Gomez

1 2 5
10 Danny Califf

1 1
10 Amado Guevara

1 1
10 Youri Djorkaeff

1 1

(10-7-5-3-1 scoring system)

The first ever Player of the Year BASA goes to Dwayne DeRosario. It's also the last award of this two week extravaganza. DeRo (or DDR?) is the only guy to win two awards, plus he was named to Best XI.

Taylor Twellman gave it a go, but finished in second. None of the players were named on all 12 ballots (which obviously had five choices each instead of the usual three). Once again, defense was not as valued as offense, as Defender of the Year Danny Califf got only one fifth place vote. Pat Onstad did finish fifth though, better than I thought he would.

Interesting that Joseph and C.Gomez were tied for 2nd in the Midfielder award voting, but Joseph outranks him here. Both times Joseph was named on fewer ballots, it's just that the people who like him really like him.

Results Schedule

10/24-Goalkeeper of the Year (Pat Onstad)
10/25-Coach of the Year (Dominic Kinnear)
10/26-Rookie of the Year (Michael Parkhurst)
10/27-Defender of the Year (Danny Califf)
10/28-Young Player of the Year (Clint Dempsey)

10/31-Midfielder of the Year (Dwayne DeRosario)
11/01-Old Player of the Year (Youri Djorkaeff)
11/02-Forward of the Year (Taylor Twellman)
11/03-Best XI
11/04-Player of the Year (Dwayne DeRosario)

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