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2010's New MLS Players

The 2010 MLS season ended with the total all time player count at 1,504 (all competitions); Tyler Deric of Houston was the 1,500th player. The full list can be found by downloading my MLS lineup database.

Debuts By Year

Debuts Per Team
1996 241 24.1
1997 80 8.0
1998 93 7.8
1999 62 5.2
2000 75 6.3
2001 63 5.3
2002 54 5.4
2003 68 6.8
2004 63 6.3
2005 120 10.0
2006 87 7.3
2007 113 8.7
2008 136 9.7
2009 114 7.6
2010 135 8.4

Total 1,504

2010 Debuts By Team

CHI 10
CHV 11
DC 12
KC 8
LA 4
NE 9
NY 12
PHI 12
SJ 9
TOR 10

Debuts per Expansion Team

1998 CHI 9
1998 MIA 10
2005 CHV 17
2005 RSL 14
2007 TOR 20
2008 SJ 7
2009 SEA 14
2010 PHI 12

Player Breakdown

Where did these 135 new players come from? The team listed is the one that gave the player his first minutes, not necessarily the one that first acquired him.

2010 Superdraft (41)

CHI Bone, Corben
CHI Johnson, Sean
CHI Kinney, Steven
CHI Watson-Siriboe, Kwame
CHV Gavin, Blair
CHV Zemanski, Ben
CLB Duka, Dilly
CLB Francis, Shaun
COL Akpan, Andre
COL LaBauex, Ross
DAL Alexander, Eric
DAL Loyd, Zach
DAL Wiederman, Andrew
DAL Yeisley, Jason
DC Graye, Jordan
HOU Appiah, Samuel
KC Aiyegbusi, Korede
KC Bunbury, Teal
LA Stephens, Michael
NE Boggs, Zak
NE Griffiths, Jason
NE Schilawski, Zack
NE Sinovic, Seth
NY Chinn, Conor
NY da Luz, Austin
NY Garcia, Irving
NY Ream, Tim
NY Tchani, Tony
PHI McInerney, Jack
PHI Mwanga, Danny
PHI Nakazawa, Kyle
PHI Okugo, Amobi
PHI Stahl, Toni
RSL Schuler, Chris
RSL Warner, Collen
SEA Estrada, David
SEA Seamon, Mike
SJ Beitashour, Steven
SJ Morrow, Justin
SJ Opara, Ike
TOR Nane, Joseph

The past two years, there were 29 and 36 Superdraft players used in the same year they were drafted. Here's a list of them by round:

1st 2nd 3rd 4th Total
2008 12 8 8 8 36
2009 14 5 6 4 29
2010 15 12 9 5 41

2009 Superdraft (3)

COL Ceus, Steward
Fucito, Michael
Ring, Brad

Three holdovers from the previous draft who finally made their debuts. Ring missed last season due to injury. I know Fucito was waived and re-signed, I just feel like it makes more sense to put him here rather than in domestic signings. This is how he was initially brought into the league.

Academy Players (14)

CHV de la Fuente, Bryan
DAL Levya, Bryan
DAL Luna, Ruben
DC Hamid, Bill
DC Najar, Andy
HOU Deric, Tyler
HOU Navas Cobo, Francisco
NY Agudelo, Juan
TOR Cordon, Oscar
TOR Henry, Doneil
TOR Lindsay, Nicholas
TOR Matheson, Allando
TOR Morgan, Ashtone

This category should only get bigger and bigger. I still have no explanation for how Toronto was allowed to use players not under contract in official games.

Weighted Lottery (2)

CHV Zizzo, Sal
RSL Gil, Luis

RSL didn't win the lottery, but Gil first played for them. A list of past lotteries can be found here.

Emergency Loan (2)

CHV Guppy, Kevin
DC Rodrigues, J.P.

Guppy is an MLS pool goalkeeper, but got to play similar to Seattle's Ben Dragavon a year ago. Pool keepers qualify as a loan in my book. Meanwhile, Rodrigues is the first emergency loan field player to get into a match since Diaz Kambere for Toronto in 2008.

Domestic-Based Signings (10)

CLB Williams, Josh
COL Earls, Danny
DAL Edward, Edson
DC Rice, Barry
NE Shuttleworth, Bobby
PHI Arrieta, Cristian
PHI Williams, Sheanon
RSL Araujo, Paulo
SEA Boss, Terry
SJ Gjertsen, Joey

This category includes undrafted rookies and players signed from lower leagues here in the US (even if they're from a foreign club like Montreal or Puerto Rico).

Foreign-Based Signings (64)

CHI Castillo, Nery
CHI John, Collins
CHI Krol, Krzysztof
CHI Martinez, Julio
CHI Ristic, Bratislav
CHI Umanzor, Deris
CHV Borja, Carlos
CHV Delgado, Dario
CHV Espinoza, Rodolfo
CHV Macotelo, Jose
CHV Maldonado, Giancarlo
CHV Romero, Osael
CLB Griffit, Leandre
CLB Herrera, Sergio
CLB Mendoza, Andres
COL Joyce, Ian
DAL Jackson
DAL Rodriguez, Milton
DC Allsopp, Danny
DC Boskovic, Branko
DC Carreiro, Junior
DC Castillo, Christian
DC Hernandez, Pablo
DC Pena, Juan Manuel
DC Varela, Carlos
HOU Obodai, Anthony
HOU Palmer, Lovel
KC Auvray, Stephane
KC Chhetri, Sunil
KC Escobar, Pablo
KC Nielsen, Jimmy
KC Rocastle, Craig
KC Smith, Ryan
LA Cazumba, Alex
LA Juninho
LA Leonardo
NE Linck, Roberto
NE Niouky, Joseph
NE Perovic, Marko
NE Stolica, Ilija
NY Henry, Thierry
NY Ibrahim, Salou
NY Lindpere, Joel
NY Marquez, Rafael
NY Miller, Roy
NY Nielsen, Brian
PHI Coudet, Eduardo
PHI Gonzalez, Juan Diego
PHI Myrie, David
PHI Orozco Fiscal, Michael
PHI Torres, Roger
RSL Gonzalez, Nelson
RSL Saborio, Alvaro
SEA Fernandez, Alvaro
SEA Montano, Miguel
SEA Nkufo, Blaise
SJ Eduardo
SJ Geovanni
SJ Jasseh, Omar
SJ Robles, Javier
TOR Hscanovics, Raivis
TOR Mista
TOR Saric, Martin
TOR Usanov, Maksim

The numbers aren't really up too much for this category, but rather, the number of domestic signings is down from previous years. There were 10 this season compared to 23 and 20 the past two season. The number of academy players makes up the difference, I guess.

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