Monday, June 13, 2011

Gold Cup notes

1) The USA's loss to Panama is only their 6th in 51 Gold Cup games, and first in the group stage (as you might've heard by now). Previously, they had only lost to Brazil and Mexico. Both the Americans and the Mexicans now have six defeats each, though the USA have played three more games.

2) Ominously for the US, no team has ever won the Gold Cup with a loss.

3) Cuba's performance in this year's edition (0 points, -15 goal differential) was the worst in tournament history, beating out 2009's Grenada (0, -10). There's still hope for the Spice Boys: If they lose by more than 5 to Guatemala today, they'll get that title back. Seems unlikely due to the lack of firepower by the Guatemalans. Of course, I still expect a 3+ goal win.

4) Mexico, who helped put some of that hurt on the Cubans, is scoring at a phenomenal rate of over 4 goals per game. They have 14 so far after 3 games (with 1 against), but they'll have to continue at that exact pace to match the 1993 winners. That Mexico team ended up with 28 goals scored and 2 allowed, all coming in only five matches.