Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Most League Games, No Playoff Appearances

I've already looked into the list of players who've played the most games without appearing in an MLS Cup (link). But what about those who have never even played in a single playoff game?

There have been 1,369 players in MLS history (who have played a competitive game for an MLS team). Of those, 677 have appeared in a playoff game, while 692 have not. I haven't figured this out, but I'd be willing to bet that this is the first time that first number is lower than the second.

Most Regular Season Games Played Without Playing in an Playoff Game

(includes games through 2009 season)

1 Ballouchy, Mehdi
2 Brennan, Jim 83
3 Akwari, Nelson 78
4 Pitchkolan, Aaron 77
5 Robinson, Carl 74
6 Sawatzky, Darren 69
7 Johnson, Ryan 68
8 Glinton, Gavin 67
9 Cummings, Omar 65
9 Curtis, Ali 65
11 Miglioranzi, Stefani 63
12 Casey, Conor 62
13 LaBrocca, Nick 61
13 Conteh, Abdul Thompson 61
13 Roberts, Troy 61
16 Coundoul, Bouna 60
17 Dichio, Danny 59
18 Jair 57
19 Countess, D.J. 54
20 Wondolowski, Chris 53
21 Gibbs, Cory 50
21 Bliss, Brian 50
21 Figueroa, Vicente 50
24 Ward, Tim 49
24 Bartlett, Shaun 49
24 Rocha, Andre 49

Finally, something Mehdi Ballouchy can succeed at. The Rapids are currently in a three year playoff drought, so it's understandable why they make up a good part of the list. Speaking of no playoffss, there's also several Toronto FC players here.

It's a shame Tim Ward and for the Fire that he was hurt this past postseason. They could've used him. Ward also was dropped late in the season by the 2005 Metrostars. That's when Bob Bradley was fired and Mo Johnston took over with three games left in the regular season, and Mo apparently favored Jason Hernandez. So he's probably been the most unlucky player in the top 25.

Yes, Chris Wondolowski never got into a playoff match with the Dynamo despite winning two titles. Stefani Miglioranzi also is a former champion with the 2008 Crew. And I almost forgot, Troy Roberts won a title on the 2005 Galaxy.

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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

List of MLS Combine MVPs

I'll add this year's when I see it (EDIT: Okugo was announced by Garber as the combine mvp during the draft broadcast). If you know any of the winners from previous years, let me know.

2005-Luke Kreamalmeyer
2006-Brian Plotkin
2007-John Cunliffe
2008-Eric Brunner
2009-Stefan Frei
2010-Amobi Okugo

Draft positions for these players:

37, 20, 7, 16, 13, 6

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Monday, January 11, 2010


Been focused on that recently. Sorry for the lack of posts. I'm trying to figure out a definitive list of USMNT lineups, which is hard when the Hall of Fame and RSSSF don't agree in several instances. Also, I was kind of burnt out from spending so much time on the plus/minus research.

Besides that, my goal was to make a list of which cap came in which game. So for example, if I wanted to know which game Claudio Reyna's 47th cap came in, I could easily look that up (March 16, 1997 - the 3:0 home WCQ win over Canada). I have that done for every single game now, I just want to make sure it's completely accurate before I post it here. See this Bigsoccer thread for more discussion.